The Maqua family

In 1900, a small hotel-restaurant was inaugurated in the Ardennes

At Corbion-sur-Semois, close to Bouillon, Jules and Eugenie Maqua, by transforming their café into a hotel-restaurant, wrote the first pages of a long and wonderful story. The generations which succeeded them continued with their hotel project applying energy and ambition!

Each member of the Maqua family has left his own mark on the Hôtel des Ardennes  and made a lasting impression on peoples’ hearts.  Undoubtedly there sometimes occurs, like a benevolent ghost, leaning on  the work of the youngest, stirring their passion and ensuring that everything remains always perfect for the visitor.

The passion was passed on to the fifth generation.

It applies to the team in place, its head full of new ideas with only one watchword:  to work as a family, as a team, in making the project increasingly more attractive and aiming ever higher at giving to the holiday makers of the Hôtel des Ardennes the experience of exceptional moments. Revealing to them the richness of Corbion and its very beautiful region.